The manufacturing of solar panels

Photovoltaic is the only RES technology that does not create social controversies.

Compared to windmills or biogas plants, local communities are not protesting against investments. Moreover, investors planning solar power plants are not facing problems with protesting residents.

Photovoltaic plants always face the favourable attitude of local authorities and residents, without any actions against them. This is linked to the influence of the solar power plant on the immediate environment. It produces neither sound nor noise, and its impact on the local landscape is negligible due to its low-rise buildings.

Thanks to the idea, our persistence and the EU grant, we built a photovoltaic panel factory in Lubartów. We will be a direct producer of panels and panels with our own patent, i.e. solar panels with extinguishing systems.

The production line is the most advanced solution that allows detailing in every panel production segment. Qualified staff cares about the quality production from the very beginning of the line until the packaging of the panels for transport.

All the components needed to manufacture the panels are built in the factory. In this way, we are able to guarantee their effectiveness and quality.

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