Photovoltaic panels with an extinguishing system

Photovoltaic is the only RES technology that does not create social controversies.

Compared to windmills or biogas plants, local communities are not protesting against investments. Moreover, investors planning solar power plants are not facing problems with protesting residents.

Why have we built solar panels with an extinguishing system?

By analysing possible hazard scenarios, the most likely, and at the same time the most dangerous, is the risk associated with the possibility of an electric shock and fire in solar panels. The consequences of an electric shock and fire are tragic. That is why we have started work to eliminate the risks. After two years of research, a solution has been developed that guarantees full security. This solution was patented on August 13, 2016 and numbered P.418229.

How is the panel made?

Operating principle


A system that controls the temperature inside the panel, when the temperature difference occurs (a rapid increase), activates the appropriate controller that injects the extinguishing agent in the form of gas into the panel. In addition, the solar panels will be disconnected from each other. The internal temperature is monitored at all times. Using these solutions we avoid fire and electric shock.



The system continuously monitors the temperature in the panels. In the event of an emergency, it is able to disconnect and extinguish the panels by sending a fire extinguishing agent to each panel. Our solution is safe for you and the environment. Your safety is our highest priority.

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