Modern machine park

Modern machines offer precision, ergonomics, productivity and excellent service. With a machine park, we are able to handle a wide range of industrial sectors to create the highest quality products.

TruBend serii 5000

The world-renowned TRUMPF edge press due to numerous innovations, improves production, increases efficiency and ergonomics and provides complete control of the machining process.

  • Sheet bending on a numerical-controlled edge press with the guarantee of precision and repeatability of details, even in large series.
  • Wide range of bending tools (stamps and matrices) gives us the ability to make different parts with different levels of complexity and size.
Technical data:
  • Pressing force – 850 kN
  • Bending length – 2210 mm

TruBend serii 5000

TruMatic 1000 fiber

Combination of laser processing and punching. The CNC laser ensures very fast and precise cutting of metal sheets, with the 0.1 mm accuracy, giving you 100% guarantee of the precision of your detail. The punching unit reduces production time and costs when conducting repeatable holes.

  • CNC laser cutting of irregular and complex shapes.
  • Minimal material consumption by optimally distributing the details on the sheet metal.
  • High quality cut of the edges and surfaces.
  • Surface perforation
  • With a single sheet mount, we can perform several technological processes such as threading, drilling ventilation holes, pumping and grooving.
Technical data:
  • Maximum sheet dimensions: 3000×1500 mm.
  • Punching force: 165 kN.
  • Laser power: 3000 W.
Cutting possibilities:
  • Mildsteel thickness up to 6mm.
  • Stainless steel thickness up to 6mm.
  • Copper thickness up to 6mmi.
  • Brass thickness up to 6mm.
  • Aluminum thickness up to 5mm.


TruMatic 1000 fiber

TruLaser Weld 5000

A robot for automatic laser welding. It allows both deep and durable welds and esthetical, smooth welds that no longer require to be machined.

With CNC welding technology we offer:
  • High quality welds, equal on the entire length (with a guarantee of repeatability).
  • Parts with minimal deformation (by minimizing the amount of heat supplied during the welding process).
  • Saving time and money on finishing operations.
  • Can be welded in 100% sealed molds.
  • With an accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm.

TruLaser Weld 5000

ENGEL VC500 / 120 injection molding machine

It is an ideal machine for versatile applications and various technologies. Especially since “tie-bar-less” means advantages where many don’t even suspect them. The perfect parallelism of the plates ensures an extremely even distribution of the clamping force and optimal protection of the mold. This, even in the case of multi-socket applications, is a guarantee of consistent quality.

In addition, the ENGEL Victory injection molding machine is also distinguished by its particularly low energy consumption due to its efficient drive. For the benefit of the environment and, above all, the user’s budget.

Wtryskarka ENGEL VC500/120

Automatic pouring gasket machine

Molded polyurethane foam gasket (quick reaction) is one of the most advanced sealing technologies in today’s industry. It is able to withstand multiple lockable connectors without losing its properties. It is resistant to temperatures of up to 90º C.

The automatic application of the two-component seal with the metering head allows the gasket to be adapted to the component, significantly reducing production costs while maintaining mechanical and dimensional characteristics.


RIV 2450 Pneumatic Press

A fully air-driven press that delivers high productivity, lower manufacturing costs, repeatability even in large series, and a durable combination.

  • Quick mountning of fastners.
  • Pressing the bushings, pins, and nuts close to the edge or bend.
  • Pressing down on bended details with complex shape or large dimensions.
  • Adjusting the appropriate force depending on the thickness and type of material.

Technical data:

  • Pressure of 6-8 bar.
  • Contact force up to 7 tonnes.
  • Maximum sheet thickness 3 mm.

RIV 2450 - prasa pneumatyczna

Desen DSP1008

Automatic stencil printer with dispensing solder paste.

Desen DSP1008

Mechatronika M10V oraz MX80


Pick and Place Systems for precision placing SMD components on printed circuit boards.

The M10V and MX80 are universal SMD application devices for PCB and ceramic hybrid applications. The unique feature of M10V and MX80 is a mechanical design, a vision centering and locating component system as well as user friendly control system based on the Windows 10 platform. Simple programming and easy changing allows mastering the operation in few hours.

Mechatronika M10V oraz MX80

Mechatronika M10V oraz MX80

Mechatronika MR260

Forced air convection reflow oven.

The MR260 convection reflow soldering systems is a universal soldering device for SMD reflow components on printed circuit boards and for drying pastes and adhesives. The hot air that is circulating ensures high stability in the soldering process, regardless of the size of the PCB. The unit is distinguished by its compact mechanical design with a hinged top cover and a grid PCB conveyor. All heating parameters and registered profiles can be easily observed on the 17″ LCD display.

Mechatronika MR260

MS20 Stencil Printer


The MS20 stencil printer enables manual application of solder paste to PCB via metal stencil and ceramic components of ceramic hybrid systems. Solid mechanical design ensures high printing quality. All axes, self-adjustable printing table allows the template to be quickly and accurately positioned relatively to the ground on which the paste will be applied.

Drukarka szablonowa MS20

3D Printer

Drukarka 3D

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